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Everyday Administration 

We can help your business stay organised and on track with a range of services including diary, email and calendar management, and business travel planning. Let us help you develop a system that keeps you organised so you can spend more time with the clients you love to help

Everyday Allied Health 

With a background in Occupational therapy and mental health, owner Lyndel understands the demands on the time of allied health professionals. Everyday Admin can help Occupational therapists, psychologists and more, by helping with the administration tasks that can take up precious time that would be better spent with the clients you love to help.

Everyday Documents 

Here at Everyday Admin we love to help with those documents you’d rather not spend time on. Do you have some minutes that need typing? transcription needs? a template or newsletter you’ve been wanting to write but haven’t found the time? Well we love this kind of work so why not send it or other data entry and word processing tasks our way instead!

Everyday Social Media

So many people are looking online and to social media for business and services, do you have an online presence? Do you have a social media profile but don’t have time to post to  it regularly or keep it updated? Everyday Admin can help 

Everyday Lifestyle

Do you find you have tasks that sit on your to do list from week to week or month to month? Constantly being pushed down the list as other priorities at work or in your business come up? Have you been planning or dreaming of a holiday? Need to research a  getaway? Need to look at presents for a loved one? birthday party ideas? Here at Everyday Admin we want to see you thrive in your work and at home, so you can outsource these tasks and so much more.



"Lyndel is a reliable, hardworking and intelligent administrator for business. She listens and understands the requirements  and is able to 'value add'  with some great improvements and suggestions. Lyndel has an understanding of the usual social media platforms and a willingness to learn the requirements.  She is a great person to deal with and her contributions are a valued part of the business. Definitely highly recommend her services. " Jan