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Everyday tasks for everyday business

Welcome to Everyday Admin

Our focus is on providing professional administration support to help you thrive in the core business that you do. 

Are you an Allied Health professional?

Everyday admin specialises in assisting allied health professionals with administration tasks related to their private practice, tired of spending so much time writing reports, patient handouts and other tasks outsource them to us and free up your time for the clients you love to help.

Everyday Admin owner, Lyndel has a background in Occupational therapy and NDIS, and is aware of the numerous administration tasks that take time away from clinical practice. Our mission is to help streamline your processes so you have more time for the clients you love. 

Feeling overloaded with paperwork?

Whether it be assistance with organising your schedule, calendar management, writing documents or data entry. Everyday Admin is here to help your small business. By outsourcing some of these tasks to us you will have more time for your clients and what you love to do everyday.


Everyday Services


Everyday Allied Health 

Helping Allied health professionals to streamline their administration tasks so they have more time to see the clients that matter most 


Everyday Administration 

Everyday tasks for every business. Helping you to develop and maintain a system that keeps you focused on the things you would rather do


Everyday Lifestlye

Tasks that are constantly being pushed to the bottom of the to do list. Personal appointments and diary management, we want to see you thrive both in your work and at home. 

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