Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Let's be honest - what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a virtual assistant? For me it was Siri in my phone or the little chat box that comes up at the bottom of your computer screen. The reality of what a virtual assistant is though is so much more and yes most of us are in fact real people - we just happen to love to work remotely! At first I thought that VAs were only for certain types of businesses but as I have worked in the industry I am constantly surprised about just where VAs continue to pop up. Good Virtual Assistants slip into your team effortlessly and it is like they were always there - in fact you'll wonder why you didn't hire one sooner.

There are so many reasons to hire a VA to support your business and with the the growth in remote work, and flexible working hours VA's offer a great way to add staff into your team and grow your business whilst improving work life balance. Here are my top 5 reasons to hire a Virtual assistant:

  1. Take back your time - Time we all want more of it but the reality is there are only 24 hours in a day - you can't get anymore. However bringing a VA on means you can create more time for things in your business such as seeing more clients, or things that are important to you - spending time with family, taking that holiday or the weekend off!

  2. Quality of Service - Virtual Assistants are professionals who take what they do seriously and understand the important role they are playing to support your busines. They are invested in the growth of your business, and understand that how they complete work given to them will have a direct impact on your business and in turn their own. VA's strive to deliver excellent results in a timely manner and want to deliver high quality services to their clients - it's more than a job to them.

  3. Increase productivity - It is simply not possible as a business owner to do every aspect of your business alone, whilst you maybe able to complete all the tasks required, the question that you need to ask yourself is - Is this being efficient with my time? If you are constantly trying to juggle all the tasks that come with running a business and then actually providing a quality service to your clients can you really do it all? Bringing a VA on board allows you to tackle all the tasks of your business much more efficiently. Plus by using the services of a VA you are in control of what elements or tasks of your business you focus on and what you outsource, using the skills of your VA to complement your business will lead to increased productivity, and growth for your business.

  4. Cost effective - As Virtual Assistants work as independent contractors rather than employee, there are significant cost savings for business owners as you are paying for the work done without the overheads that come with it such as leave, equipment, office space, or training.

  5. Scalable with your business - Most VAs work on an hourly or outcome based system and so they can scale both up or down as your business requires. That way if you are having a quieter time they have the flexibility and understanding that you may need to reduce the hours of work and likewise when you are in a period of growth they have the capacity to scale up with your business to help you keep up with the demand and ensure that you can be as efficient as possible for your clients.

Virtual assistants are more than a voice in a computer - they are individuals who strive to provide clients with a high quality, flexible and unique service delivery. If you are thinking about hiring a VA or wondering if it is for you - I strongly encourage you to chat with a VA and see how they may be able to support your business - the possibilities are endless.

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