2022 New Opportunities for Virtual Assistants

After a year like 2021 which continued to feel like one of chaos and disruption, where skills like working from home, juggling home schooling and finding new hobbies at home seemed to become the norm for many, the question keeps coming to my mind – as it no doubt does for many, what will 2022 be like?

As we have read and heard anecdotally the last 2 years have challenged the way many people view their work and careers. We have heard of the Great Resignation as many people start to consider what other roles might be out there to suit them. Did you take time to reflect on your career over the last 2 years? It is one of the best things about a new year, the chance to reflect on the year that has been. What worked? What didn’t? What are the goals for the year ahead? A new year provides endless possibilities there is so much to look forward to with anticipation. However, there is no doubt that after the last 2 years there is an air of anxiety and uncertainty about what 2022 will bring. With all the uncertainty around it can be difficult to feel like we can plan anything at all, however as much as the uncertainty is there it is important that we continue to set goals, build routines and enter the year with a sense of optimism and hope.

As a Virtual assistant I am excited by what may come in 2022, over the last 2 years as people started to embrace remote work, more businesses are open to the idea of remote employees than ever before, as business owners start to see what the benefits of a remote assistant can be for their business, the VA industry has continued to grow and thrive. In fact sometimes it seems as though others are finally catching on to what many of us Vas have loved about our work in the first place – flexibility, and work life balance.

There are so many opportunities for business owners to embrace the use of virtual assistants, in fact one may even argue that the opportunities are endless. It may be a large role or small role, but I have no doubt that Virtual Assistants can improve the efficiency and work flow in any business. The question one needs to ask is what is it that you would like to get from the use of a virtual assistant? Many of my clients often comment on the freedom of time that they have got back from using a VA, enabling to spend more time with family, or perhaps study or travel. There are so many benefits to working with VAs that are beneficial to both business owners and the VA they work with. It is this very fact that makes me hopeful and full of optimism for the year ahead, as society continues to embrace flexible work life, and move away from traditional ‘office’ based roles - there is a group of ready and experienced remote workers - virtual assistants who have a unique place to play in the changing employment landscape – and for that I am grateful and excited – here’s to 2022 a year of opportunity, with VA’s ready and waiting to work with people who are ready to embrace the changing workplace.

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