Rounded - Software that has made a difference to my business

Recently I undertook a review of the software and systems I was using to run my business. Running your own business takes time and having efficient processes for tasks is crucial to staying on top of things. One area as a business owner you can't get slack with is accounts. There's so much to keep track of and the more organised you have it the less time it takes - expenses, invoices, keeping track of invoices that are paid, reconciling bank feeds, tracking time the list goes on.

As A VA I track my time so that clients can get a better understanding of where my time has been spent and enables my clients to see the work that is being completed. Enter Rounded - accounting software designed for sole traders, freelancers and others like virtual assistants. This software take the effort out for you by creating professional invoices for you, enabling you to send them via email or a share link as well as being able to track overdue or outstanding invoices all from one location. You can also link a bank account to enable you to reconcile expenses, and income quickly and efficiently. Instead of my business admin taking sooo much time and sorting through lots of different programs, or unprofessional looking invoices,- Rounded enables me to track my time and link my time reports to my invoices to be sent, now I can get my invoicing done in one session with my income/expenses up to date, reconciling done and time reports completed for all my clients = More time for me to spend working for my clients and growing my business!!

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