Journey to becoming a VA

When I asked myself the question what do I want to do with my career?, I knew I was at a crossroads. Having worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years and then hitting the “PAUSE” button whilst raising 2 small children, I realised I had to really decide what I wanted to do when I pressed “PLAY” again on my career. Having had the privilege of staying at home with my 2 beautiful children for those early years of life, I will admit that the thought of returning to the workforce was daunting. Perhaps it was having the time out to reflect, perhaps it was becoming a mother or moving interstate that changed my perspective, but deep within I knew that I wanted something more – I wanted challenge, I wanted a new opportunity and I knew that now was the perfect time to change direction. So I started to put some thought into what exactly was I good at, what did I enjoy and what kind of job could that deliver – I mean as much as we’d all like to retire and travel the world or move to an exotic island and spend our days on the beach, a girls got to eat and reality is just not like that – well not that I know of anyway!

So begun the hours spent on google searching for “work from home opportunities” and “career ideas” I realised as I searched that the workplace had changed significantly in the 5 years I had been out – technology had enhanced, many more people were working remotely and whilst many work from home opportunities were ‘too good to be true’ I could see that there were genuine career opportunities that enabled a more flexible work life balance than I had known before, and I knew this was the direction I wanted to head – could it really be possible to find a job that I loved that still enabled me to prioritise the people that were most important to me? The next step was to work out what I was good at, what were my skills, where was my passion. So as I turned to our trusty friend Google I found plenty of questionnaires designed to help you answer those very questions. As I confirmed to myself the things that I was naturally drawn to – helping people and administration where the two key terms that continued to come up, so how to combine the two – that is when I learnt of the amazing industry of “Virtual Assistants” I looked more into the field finding out what you need to be a VA – organisation, flexible, problem solver, good communication, proactive, the list went on and with every box I ticked the passion and excitement for my new career began to grow – this was IT I was going to become a VA!!!!

Full of enthusiasm I spent hours learning about the industry and reading up on becoming a VA, but then doubt began to creep in could I really change career direction so abruptly? who would hire me? did I really have the skills? was this just too much of a challenge? Thankfully I am blessed with incredible support in my husband who thought the idea was perfect and suited my skill set and I would look over and watch my children playing and realised this is what it was about, this is why I wanted to do this, because creating a new lifestyle for my family was my number 1 priority and here was the opportunity – all be it challenging, scary and new. This opportunity could allow me to be the mother and wife I wanted to be and still be ‘me’, still contribute to society and to support and enable people in their businesses to do and be more.

One of the things that I loved about being an Occupational therapist was helping people to be independent in their everyday lives – I didn’t want to leave that behind and that’s when I realised I could continue to assist people to do that and reach their potential. Except this time I would be doing it by assisting them to grow their own business to reach their own goals. By helping them with the tasks that whilst I found enjoyable the vast majority of people would rather watch paint dry than do their business admin!!

So from there the concept of Everyday Admin was born – helping ordinary people in their everyday business to be more, to spend more time doing what they wanted to do and gifted to do. I think back to that crossroad to go left towards the old, comfortable but unfulfilling path or to go right towards the unknown, challenging, and new opportunity as a VA – and I know I chose the right path for me.

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