2021 New Year New Possibilities

2020 what a year – one that was completely unexpected, full of chaos and disruption, where staying home and working from home became the norm. As a Virtual assistant working from home has always been one of the benefits but it was different this year as millions of people were now working from home offices, kitchen tables, whilst trying to homeschool students as well. Lockdown periods gave us much time to reflect – What did you learn from home? a new hobby – making sourdough bread, art or jigsaw puzzles? For us it was a time to spend as a family to get a small insight into what our everyday worlds look like when we are apart from each other, a new understanding of the learning that happens in a classroom for my children! We got time to slow down, and remember what is important in life, what we value and what we would like our future to be. 2020 brought with it uncertainty in the world, and the need to be flexible and ever prepared for things to change. The start of a new year is often a time for new hope, new plans and goals and 2021 certainly is no different, however there is still an air of uncertainty about the future, what restrictions will be in place? how will our lives look in the coming months both in our country and around the world? One of the things I took from 2020 was how much I value my industry, the opportunities it presents and the flexibility it provides that I am grateful for, as more and more businesses look at scaling back offices, I think there is even more opportunity for Virtual assistants to help businesses grow, and adjust to the changing times. I am excited to see how Everyday Admin will help businesses do just that, as we enter 2021 I am nervous yet curious about the year and excited to see where we will be at the end of 2021 – despite the uncertainty of COVID one thing remains a new year always brings with it hope and new possibilities.

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